Giving Back

Diketo African Games plan to give back to the community. We are to preserve, protect and promote Traditional African Games. We will be dedicated to uplifting our orphaned Children. For every board game sold, a percentage goes into the Diketo Trust Fund. This fund audited by David Miler Associates. Diketo will give back to the community through the education and promotion of African Games, Collimating in a Championships for under-privilege teens. The two organisations that the trust will give money to is the The Abraham Kriel Maria Kloppers Kinderhuis and the heart beat Organisation.

At Diketo we are as serious about our company's future as we are about Giving back to South Africa and her Community. We don’t plan ask for hand outs every time we plan a social development program, this is something that we, at Diketo, should be able to do through aggressive sales of the board games, fashion and innovative African Thinking!



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